Our guided tours in Okumikawa

This page lists the guided tours we're offering around the beautiful and rich area of Japan we call home.

If there's something in the area that's caught your eye, why not try a custom guided tour to see what you want to see at your pace?

We can also plan a custom-order package tour for your time in the area, with car hire, accommodation, experiences, guided tours, and more! Get in touch to enquire or see more about our booking process here.

  • Atera Countryside Life Guided Tour

    Spend half a day with us in our famously beautiful village, where you can experience a real slice of countryside life that you can’t get at any tourist spot, with gohei mochi making and a green tea ceremony. A rare chance to spend time in a mountain village!

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  • Explore Holy Mt. Horaiji Guided Tour

    This 6 hour guided hiking tour explores the best of our local sacred mountain without using a car. Experience its rich nature and cultural history and hear the stories from over 1,300 years of history over the 6.5km walk.

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  • Heights of Mt. Horaiji Guided Tour

    This challenging guided tour will get your blood pumping as we scale Mt. Horaiji to the very top! See incredible views and nature while we share the legends of this incredible mountain over a 7.5 hour hike.

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  • Half-day Mt. Horaiji Guided Tour

    Driving a car through the area? This flexible half-day tour is for you!

    Starting on any available day between 9am-12pm, this roughly 4 hour guided tour is the perfect introduction to Mt. Horaiji, with options to hike the stone steps or drive up the mountain.

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  • Custom Guided Tours

    Our custom guided tours are very flexible, let us show you the best of our area tailored to what you want to see! Full-day (8 hour) to short tours are available starting from a variety of locations.

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  • Forests and Falls Hiking Guided Tour

    Coming soon!

    A hike through serene, green forest, with visits to two incredible waterfalls, a cafe that feels like a trip through time, and our historic house in our picturesque mountain valley.

  • Temple to Onsen Guided Tour

    Coming soon!

    This guided tour climbs the famous stone steps, visits the temple and shrine, and follows a very old route down to the hot spring village of Mt. Horaiji. See the scenic views, beautiful forest, and the river known for it's unique rocky bottom and crystal clear water. A great choice if you're staying at an inn at Yuyaonsen!