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We want everyone to fall in love with Okumikawa

Just off the historic Tokaido route between Tokyo and Kyoto, Okumikawa is a region known for its deep nature and history. We fell in love and we think you will too!

See our custom tours page for some of the sights we'd love to show you.

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From one of our guests

"We had an amazing time with our hosts Alex and Yuko exploring this beautiful region of Aichi. There was an incredible amount of ancient culture and nature to see, including a hike up to the top of Mt. Horaiji, along an ancient pilgrimage route.

On the way you pass centuries-old temples and shrines, all the while surrounded by vibrant nature and even waterfalls. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and it is unbelievable that the area is not flooded with tourists.

The town at the base of Mt. Horaiji feels like a step back in time, with beautiful traditional architecture and delicious local treats like 'goheimochi.'

On top of this, it is one of the few regions in Japan where you have easy access to some special meats, including boar, bear and deer. Coming from Australia, this was so special and unique for us to try (as well as tasty). Aichi and the areas surrounding Toyohashi gave us a really special experience.

The beautiful nature, ancient history, cuisine and Mt. Horaiji, really make for a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in Japan."
- Peter from Australia

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Our day-tours in Okumikawa

  • Explore Holy Mt. Horaiji Tour

    This 6 hour hiking tour explores the best of our local sacred mountain. Experience its rich nature and cultural history and hear the stories from over 1,300 years of history over the 6.5km walk.

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  • Heights of Mt. Horaiji Tour

    This challenging tour will get your blood pumping as we scale Mt. Horaiji to the very top! See incredible views and nature while we share the legends of this incredible mountain over a 7.5 hour hike.

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  • Chiiwa Crystal Water Bike/Hike Tour

    Coming soon!

    This 5 hour cycling and hiking tour will take you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in our area, with dramatic river views, crystal clear creeks, and wild untouched forest. A must-do for active nature lovers, you'll end the day with a deeper understanding of Japanese nature.

  • Half-day Mt. Horaiji Tour

    Driving a car through the area? This flexible half-day tour is for you!
    Starting on any available day between 9am-12pm, this roughly 4 hour tour is the perfect introduction to Mt. Horaiji, with options to hike the stone steps or drive up the mountain.

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  • Custom Tours

    Our custom tours are very flexible, let us show you the best of our area tailored to what you want to see! Full-day (8 hour) to short tours are available starting from a variety of locations.

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  • Forests and Falls Hiking Tour

    Coming soon!

    A hike through serene, green forest, with visits to two incredible waterfalls, a cafe that feels like a trip through time, and our historic house in our picturesque mountain valley.

  • Temple to Onsen Tour

    Coming soon!

    This tour climbs the famous stone steps, visits the temple and shrine, and follows a very old route down to the hot spring village of Mt. Horaiji. See the scenic views, beautiful forest, and the river known for it's unique rocky bottom and crystal clear water. A great choice if you're staying at an inn at Yuyaonsen!

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In the future, package tours of Okumikawa and our familiar online store

A message from Yuko and Alex

Hihumi 1.2.3. started in 2020 as a small business selling a variety of cute Made In Japan items online and at markets in Brisbane, Australia.

We found our dream house up for sale in the countryside of Japan, so we moved the business to Japan in 2023 and relaunched our website here at hihumizakka.com!

There are still disruptions in the World's shipping industry that make it very hard to run an online store, so we apologise for the delay starting our online shop from Japan!

Firstly we will be operating guided tours around this area that we love so much, and offering package tours to make experiencing Okumikawa easy. Our future plans include accommodation in our 100+ year old home, and restarting our online store.

Thank you for reading! - Yuko and Alex