About the tour

An Incredible Hike

Scale Mt. Horaiji the old-fashioned way, on the challenging hike from the mountain-temple's village to the very top at 695m. Relax and see more, leaving the planning and timing to us!

Along the way we'll share legends and history, see panoramic views from a number of lookouts, have a bento box lunch, and a coffee/tea at the summit.

This tour is a must for hiking lovers, Japan lovers, and people looking for a more challenging day-trip that gets you immersed in nature.

Go deeper, know more

On our tour you'll gain a deeper understanding of this designated Natural Monument and spiritual place, and together we'll make sure that our local history never fades away.

Come and hear why this place attracted those seeking healing, relaxation, and a place to think in nature for over 1,300 years.

Spiritual significance

Mt Horaiji holds significance in the Japanese 'Shugendou' faith, famous for mountain monks looking for enlightenment on rocky peaks.

Come and see if you can find something new about yourself on the climb!

Not just a challenging hike

This tour is for those looking for an active way to see and feel the history and nature of Japan, with good fitness.

Overall we'll hike about 9kms over roughly 7 hours, with time for breaks to enjoy the view and eat our bento box lunch, and drink a coffee or tea.

A must-see along the Golden Route

Mt Horaiji is in the Okumikawa region, up the mountain valley from Toyohashi, on the very popular Tokaido Shinkansen line.

A journey to Mt. Horaiji when going between Tokyo and Kyoto is a centuries-old tradition, so follow the pilgrim's path and come join us! Perfect for a day trip out of Nagoya too.

Tour highlights

  • Experience a challenging hike along historic trails and steps to the summit of Mt. Horaiji, with a climb that some say is like meditation.
  • See the landscapes and views from our carefully selected route, designed to give you the full Mt. Horaiji experience.
  • While showing you around the spectacular nature and sights, we share the mountain's incredible legends and 1,300+ years of history.
  • With us you can discover why Mt. Horaiji is a designated ‘Place of Scenic Beauty’ and ‘Natural Monument.’
  • A coffee break at the top with a coffee blended specifically for the summit of Mt. Horaiji, or a local tea if you're not a coffee drinker.
  • Enjoy a delicious bento box lunch while enjoying panoramic views at the main temple.
  • Looking for an easier way to explore Mt. Horaiji? See our Explore Holy Mt. Horaiji Tour.

Interested? Get in touch!

You can view our available dates for tours on our availability page. Please note the tour does not run in June, July, August or September. In the heat of Summer, try a custom tour instead.

Heights of Mt. Horaiji Tour

About your hosts

We are an Australian/Japanese couple that have loved this part of Japan for a long time. In 2023 we were able to buy our dream house not far from Mt. Horaiji, and we've made it our mission to spread our love of this incredible place and its stories as much as we can. Mt. Horaiji and this area deserve much more attention, and the local history needs to be preserved!

With both of us, we offer both native-level English and Japanese, which is useful when talking about the complicated cultural history of Japan.

We can't wait to share this place with you!

The hosts for the tours

What we'll do in detail

Meet at Hon-Nagashino Station at 9:30am
We'll meet, then get the bus to the base of Mt. Horaiji.

Stroll up the mountain-temple's historical main road.
We'll see the charming village nested in the valley below Mt Horaiji, with a chance to buy snacks from a shop that's an absolute classic with a long history serving local specialities.

Looking down the Omotesando street of Mt Horaiji
The Omotesando of Horaiji Temple.

Climb the 1,400+ rugged stone steps, visiting incredible sights along the way.
Like countless visitors over hundreds of years, we'll climb the stairs to the mountain's main temple building. A climb like this in a place like this can be like meditation, the workout is great for focusing on your thoughts!

Bento box lunch with a view at the mountain's main temple.
After reaching the top of the steps, at a lookout/rest shelter we'll take a break and eat lunch.

Visit the Takauchiba lookout and hike along the mountain's ancient volcanic ridge.
Feel like you're walking on air from the rocky Takauchiba lookout where samurai used to hunt hawks and practice falconry. Walking along the Western edge of the mountain we'll see signs of Mt. Horaiji's volcanic past, with huge chunks of volcanic glass.

Look out over valleys and mountains from the summit of Mt. Horaiji, with coffee blended specifically for the mountain!
The rocky outcrop at the summit has stunning panoramic views. This spot is a great place to stop and have a mid-hike coffee, so included is a coffee using a blend made specifically for the altitude and air pressure of Mt. Horaiji's summit. Not a coffee drinker? We can also offer local tea!

A coffee at the summit of Mt. Horaiji

Enjoy a coffee/tea with a view of mountains and matsu pines.

See the temple grounds under the 'mirror rock' cliff.
We will walk through the temple grounds and enter a place with Buddhist monuments and sacred spaces from centuries past.

In a cave under the mirror rock of Mt. Horaiji

The cave under the Kagami-iwa rock.

Bus to Hon-Nagashino Station just before 5pm.
We help you to get the bus to Hon-Nagashino Station, and make sure you can get the train towards Toyohashi for the Shinkansen.


Up to 2 guests:

3 to 6 guests:
¥30,000 + ¥1,000 each for the third and extra guests

Please see inclusions and exclusions in the FAQs on this page. Train and bus fares are not included. The day's bus fares are roughly ¥600 per adult.

Want more information about Mt Horaiji?

For more information about Mt. Horaiji and its history, Aichi Now has a great site about it.

FAQs and details

Tour dates

Possible Tour Dates

The tour does not run from June to September, due to the rainy season and heat of Japanese Summer. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Tour is available weekdays only

Due to a lack of public transport options in the mountains, we cannot run the tour on weekends, we apologise the the inconvenience. If you drive/rent a car, weekend tours are possible.

What is included/excluded in the price?

Included in the tour:

  • One bento box lunch per person

Not included in the tour:

  • Train and bus fares
  • Drinks and water (the tour area has vending machines and some access to drinking water)
  • Luggage storage (it's best to send luggage to your next hotel, or Toyohashi Station has some coin lockers)

What do I need for the tour?

  • A good level of fitness - this tour involves many steps and a 500m+ climb overall, requiring good stamina.
  • Confidence/ability to walk on forest trails and many uneven, hand-carved steps - if you have a bad ankle/knee/back it's best not to do the tour, but please feel free to contact us to work out a custom tour for you!
  • Shoes suitable for walking - preferably hiking shoes.
  • A hat, and preferably a sun shirt, sunglasses, and sunscreen - especially in warmer months. We walk through the forest but there is still a chance of being sunburned. We offer insect repellent in warmer months.
  • A water bottle (even a reused drink bottle in a pinch).
  • Sufficient travel insurance for this type of activity - we are not responsible for injuries that may occur on the tour, and in the case of injury we will make sure medical attention is received as quickly as possible. The Japanese medical system is quite fair, but some travel insurance companies are not - please make sure hiking-style tours are covered.

Cancellations and bad weather

Please see our page on Tour Policies and Conditions