About Us

Welcome to Hihumi 1.2.3!

We are Yuko and Alex, we host guided tours and offer package tours in the Okumikawa area of Central Japan, and sell "zakka" at markets around our area (and someday to the World).

Hosts of Hihumi 1.2.3. Tours and owners of the business

Hihumi 1.2.3. started with the feeling of missing Japan during the Covid-19 crisis in 2020 in Australia. As a Japanese person who lived in beautiful Australia, I got homesick during that time because I knew that I wouldn't be able to travel to Japan for a while. However, I realised that cute or unique products from Zakka-ya (variety stores) made me happy and gave me inspiration even though I was just browsing some online shops in Japan, and I wanted to introduce this wonderful part of Japanese culture to Australia. In 2023 we had the opportunity to buy our dream house in the mountains of Aichi Prefecture, Japan so we jumped at the chance and started our small business here! We love this area and want to share it with the world through our guided tours and package tours.

We have stalls at local markets selling zakka, while trying to develop a 'support local' culture here. Zakka-ya are shops that collect a variety of items such as stationary and housewares, and they're really popular in Japan for young and old. People go there to buy unique, well designed, functional or durable products for any reason. Hihumi 1.2.3. started as one of the Zakka-ya in Australia, and now the world, where we sell items that are difficult to find if you are not in Japan.

We try to only select Made in Japan products, and not only traditional items but also modern Japanese products and unique products. Our long-term dream is to make a connection between Australia and Japan, and design new products made by Japanese traditional skilled craftspeople, designed by Australian artists. For example, new designs made with Japanese paper and ceramics.

Where we live is a beautiful mountain village in an area called 'Okumikawa' that is famous for its beautiful nature and deep history. I grew up nearby and visited often, and when we lived in Tokyo I brought Alex here, and he fell in love with the area too. We want to share our love of this area, the sights, the history, and the stories with everyone to help preserve these for the future and to give this place the attention it deserves!

I hope you can fall in love with our part of Japan on a tour with us!

Thank you and take a look at our instagram!
- Yuko