Package Tour Cancellations and Refunds


Details on cancellations and refunds can be found in our Terms and Conditions documents below for each type of package tour (custom-order or offered tour). A quick reference for custom-order tours can also be found on this page.

Terms and Conditions for Domestic Custom-order Tours

Terms and Conditions for Domestic Offered Tours (coming soon)

As a quick reference, below are our cancellation fees for custom-order tours (domestic tours) in the case where a customer has cancelled the tour:

Cancellation date, etc. Cancellation charges
Retrospectively from the day before the start of the trip. On or before the 21st day (11th day in the case of a day trip). Amount equivalent to the planning fee
(but only if the planning fee is specified in the contract document)
(a) on or after the 20th day (10th day in the case of a day trip) (excluding (b) to (e)) 20% of the trip price
(b) on or after the seventh day (excluding (c) to (e)). 30% of the trip price
(c) If cancelled the day before the trip start date. 40% of the trip price
(d) When cancelled on the day of the trip start date (excluding (e)). 50% of the trip price
(e) No-contact/no-shows and cancellations after the commencement of the trip. 100% of the trip price
Order-made tour contracts using chartered vessels. In accordance with the provisions of the cancellation charge for the vessel concerned.


Refunds are made through the Shopify payment gateway, which is also our primary method for payments for our services. In cases where there is difficulty in making a refund payment through this system (due to limitations of Shopify, limitations of credit card companies, or customer circumstances, etc.) we will offer to make refunds in cash (if the guest is within 20kms of our office), through Paypal (which requires an account), or through alternative methods, only if the previously stated methods (including through Shopify) are impossible.